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Last Update: 01/26/02
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gDC3-Play is a gnome application built on dc3play. It's digital camera software for cameras using the DC3 protocol, such as the RDC-300, 300Z, and 4300. Why not gphoto? gphoto is an excellently written program but the ricoh driver for it has suffered from a bug that causes the program crash upon image transmission.
The program includes all necessary functions... getting image index and downloading selected images.
No determined bugs yet. If the program crashes, make sure you read the output. Before mailing me w/ any bug reports, make sure your camera is plugged into your system and gDC3-Play is configured correctly. Also, make sure you have permission to access the serial port... if not, either run as root or use chmod.
Screen Shots:
Main Panel: screenshot
Configuration Panel: screenshot
Name: gdc3play-0.1.tar.gz
Size: 50.5 kb
Name: gdc3play-0.1b.tar.gz
Size: 51 kb
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